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Parrotlet Info:

Be ready for a lifetime commitment before purchasing your new Parrotlet.

Parrotlets are one of the smallest known Parrots.  Pacific Parrotlets are an average on 4 3/4 - 5 1/2 inches in length.  
They have an average life span of 20 years.  Females are the more aggressive of the two.  Both make great pets.  
All my birds love to play and swing.  If you can spend quality time with your bird I would recommend having only one
bird for a companion.  If you feel the bird will be lonely and want to buy it a friend don't be surprised if the birds bond
to each other and not humans.  You will need to spend equal time with each one.  Parrotlets are intelligent and can
be aggressive if they have little interaction with people.  My pet male talks, sings and loves to dance.


Never put your Parrotlet in a cage with spacing larger then 1/2 inch between the bars.  This could be deadly.  
Minimum cage size should be 18x18x14 for single birds and larger for pairs.  I supply all my birds with plenty of toys
and swings.  I also have manzanita perches in all my cages.  I believe this helps stimulate  the muscles in the toes
and legs.  I personally have never seen a tree with all limbs measuring 1/2" in diameter.  My Parrotlets love to bathe, I
keep water bowls in the bottom of the cage and water dishes for drinking.  These must be cleaned everyday.  Of
course the largest cage you can afford is always best as they spend a lot of time in them.  My pets are covered every
night and uncovered in the morning.


I feed all my birds Breeder's Choice Parrotlet Special.  I keep mineral and cuttlebones in every cage.  My birds seem
to like the flavored mineral and cuttlebones the best.  The breeders are free-choice Protein 25 at all times.  Everyone
has different food regiments this is what has worked for me.


If you think there might be a problem with your birds health take it to an Avian Vet!


There are many species of Parrotlets to fit your needs and wants.  There is now a wide variety of colors.  This is
sometimes the hardest part of deciding which bird you want.  Always make sure your bird is healthy before bringing it
home.  Check the eyes, vent, and overall condition of the bird before you purchase it.  Most breeders will offer a
guarantee on your new friend.  If not ask for one.